The band Sevendays was derived from a popular local rock cover band based out of the "Chicago area music scene" called The WiseGuys. It started as one of the band members named Lenny was always writing original song lyrics along with the music on his free time away from the band, but to him his songs always seemed to turnout like they sounded like "country drinking songs" which was not his intention at all and not that there is anything wrong with that either. So he decided to concentrate on just writing song lyrics with no melody's.  A half dozen written songs later another one of the band members named DJ along with Lenny got together in their rehearsal studio and began combing DJ's musical talents and Lenny's written lyrics together.  For the simplicity of it they decided to form a 3 piece band and a vocalist. Meaning four musicians (a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a lead vocalist). So keep rockin and stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted on any new releases!